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Lumière 2023

November 2nd – 6th

5:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Celebrating 10 Years and Still Glowing Strong

This year, Lumière Festival will showcase a variety of artists and their works of art, including international artists from France, Poland and the United States. The interactive, light-based pieces will be displayed in more than 10 locations across downtown Vancouver, the West End, Yaletown, and Gastown neighbourhoods.

Morton Park


1800 Davie Plaza

Bike Decorating “Bling” Workshop

Hoping to take in the full event by bicycle? Want to be part of the show? Why not stop by the Bike Bling Workshop at 1800 Davie Plaza first? Here you can join artist Corey Redvers as he demonstrates and assists with the best way to “light your bike” in interesting ways. Then ride away through The Tunnel art installation as you set out to explore Lumiere in luminous style!

The TUNNEL (Big Art by Paul Magnuson)

Some of our most imaginative adventures start with a door, or portal, or a gate. Passing through these structures indicates the start of a journey beyond the known world into something transformative. The TUNNEL is a one-way trip to another side. A series of strange, 12 feet tall cosmic structures create a tunnel of magical light and sound.

Life Is A Circus (Sandra Bérubé)

Life Is A Circus is a gravity-defying, circusy interactive large-scale art installation. It is a whimsical scene that defies gravity. A zeppelin flying in the sky is transporting an elephant. A contortionist is hand-balancing on its trunk, peeking through a long telescope. A flock of a bird lives inside the aircraft and helps carry the elephant. The convoy seems like it’s hovering above the ground, attached to dock cleats and an anchor by ropes. The audience can pull on ropes dangling under the elephant to give them the motion of flying.

Daisy / eatArt (Sam Carter)

Daisy is the world’s largest solar-powered Tricycle. Built 20 years ago in California, she has been living in Vancouver since 2007 with the support of the eatART Foundation. She travels North America teaching people about the beauty that can exist when art, science, and community come together.

The eatART Foundation is a Vancouver-based educational charity that supports the community-driven creation of large-scale, technically sophisticated art with a focus on energy use.

Sam Carter works to create spectacles by combining stories of humanity with the audacious mechanical sculpture built at the eatART Lab.

Jim Deva Plaza

“Rec Room”

1200 Bute Street

LED Performances by Elektric Collective

4 roving sets of 15 minutes each between 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM on November 3rd and 4th.

Join us at the “Rec Room” located at 1200 Bute Street in the evenings of Friday, November 3rd, and Saturday, November 4th for live LED performances by Elekctronic Collective.

TeleTrip Stage (Soluna Productions by Alejandro Samper)

The Tele-Trip Stage is an interactive TV installation that fully immerses participants in a visually stunning world. There are multiple ways to interact with the installation, including creating a silhouette on the main screen, changing the projected visual content, using a large custom-made remote control, and using a video game controller to play an XBOX360 video game on top of the visuals. Live DJs from Westhouse Collective create an immersive atmosphere every night from 5:00 PM until 9:30 PM.

The Doors(s) (Big Art)

What does a door mean to you? Does it evoke feelings of opportunity or anxiety? How did a door become such a metaphor for success, failure, opportunity, family, home, change, transition, and so many other moments of emotional connection? This project explores the greater meaning of a door, and its ability to change our path in life when we have the courage to open it. Over 200 custom experiences await with every open.


“PopStar is a 9′ tall illuminated cinema style popcorn box. Popstar is not a display piece but is necessarily interactive, serving up free popcorn each night of the festival. We’ve successfully deployed at Burn In The Forest 2023 and Burning Man 2023.

Popcorn: the food that tastes better after we blow it up! Tyler Soon, the creator of PopStar, has a similar explosive passion for bringing smiles to people’s faces. You can find Tyler at the Vancouver Hack Space cooking up the next project from Tybot Laboratories.

West End Community Centre


870 Denman Street

Magic Crystal Ball Kaleidoscope (Foxlight Labs)

Foxlight Labs has constructed a giant kaleidoscope, approximately 8 feet in size. It has over a thousand LED lights inside, which shine in mesmerizing patterns and a variety of colors. In front of the kaleidoscope is placed a mysterious crystal ball. As you approach the kaleidoscope, the crystal ball will sense your presence – and you may notice the lights in the kaleidoscope respond in kind. By moving your hands around the crystal ball, as one does, you can uncover further secrets deep within the kaleidoscope.

A Celestial Slice (Lee James Abbott)

The sculpture ‘A Celestial Slice’ is a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us every day, yet often goes unnoticed. Crafted using slices of real clouds, this innovative artwork captures the ever-changing essence of the Vancouver atmosphere.

Lee James Abbott is an emerging artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and ‘Celestial Slice’ marks his first foray into the world of sculpture. While his creative journey began with abstract painting and printmaking, this new venture adds an exciting dimension to his artistic exploration. Lee’s work is driven by a profound fascination with the intricate role of relationships in our lives. He believes that while the bonds we share with friends and family are undeniably important, the connection we have with ourselves is often overlooked.

Moving Images 2023 – Transmission: Message and Metamorphosis (Eastside Arts Society)

“How meanings change/change us”

In an age where communication has become inseparable from the tools that enable it, the mode of transmission has become inextricably linked to the mediums through which we receive messages. These conversations transform the ways we perceive the world, challenge our preconceptions, and inspire personal and societal change. This year’s selections connect one with the other: the subconscious with conscious, water with grief, and folklore to modern storytelling. Stairways that pull you backwards (and forwards) across borders, intersect artistic conversations, and reinterpret modern phrases. We speak to the animals and recognize them within ourselves. The message is the medium and the medium is us.

Participating Artists: Fiona Ackerman & Arjan Miranda (I am strange on the Inside), Jennifer Brisson (Filipino Folklore 101), Isaac Forsland & Laura Clark (Perennial), Matthew Gilligan (Vegas Baby), Kitt Robinson (Night Visions), Sarah Ronald (Messages from Mega Fauna), Shirley Wiebe (Follow a Path to the River)

Free Lantern Making Workshop (Imaginarium Events)


Don’t leave Lumiere in the dark! Come join us at the West End CC and take a little of that magic home with you. The Folks from Imaginarium Events HQ have joined forces with Lumiere’s very own team of fairies to show you how to transform a simple plastic mason jar into your very own glittery glowing luminescent lustrous lantern with just a dash of magic and a little imagination. Each lantern comes with its very own firefly to help you navigate your way home with its warm mystical glow. (batteries included) Imaginarium Events makes beauty from basic, magic from mundane, and splendor from simple, your imagination is the fertilizer of dreams.

Robson & Cardero

The Enchanted Forest of Bioluminescence (Mike Revi Boyd)


Experience a bloom of bioluminescent jellyfish floating through the trees. The sequined tentacles of the jellyfish will sparkle in the afternoon light, and at night LEDs will light up each jellyfish and the path below, creating swaying shadows as they twirl with the breeze.

Michael “Revi” Boyd is a Vancouver-based DJ & biologist. He spins funky house music and also an avid explorer of nature across the world.

Arthur Erickson Place

1075 West Georgia Street

B.O.N.D. / Super Luminous (Ben Z Cooper & Sam Z Cooper)

(B idirectional O bjective N egativity D ispeller)

BOND (Bidirectional Objective Negativity Dispeller) utilizes cutting-edge quantum entanglement principles to deconstruct and neutralize negativity particles in its immediate vicinity. Harnessing hyper-dimensional waveforms, it emanates waves of pure joy and levity. This innovative technology represents a paradigm shift in emotional well-being, introducing a harmonious balance of energy to elevate the human experience to unprecedented levels of euphoria and optimism.

Armed with computers and an unwavering belief in the power of science, SUPER LUMINOUS toil tirelessly. Their goal is nothing short of audacious: to transport futuristic light structures from the shimmering depths of the future to the gritty present day. Ben Z Cooper and Samm Z Cooper are the custodians of this powerful technology. They have been creating immersive experiences and experiential art for nearly a decade (within this dimension).

Bentall Centre | @bentallcentreyvr


555 Burrard Street

Synergies (Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt)

Synergies is an interactive, collective and performative digital artwork installation renewing the approach of the video mapping. The artwork’s software enables creating in real time infinite narrative scenes by manipulating “video elements“ created in real time with the spectators.

Urban Light Contacts (Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt)

Urban Lights Contacts is an interactive artwork with an important social dimension. This artwork brings together the spectators around an artistic experience. It creates unpredictable and positive relationships between the spectators. It transforms the visitors into sonorous humans and questions in a poetic, sonorous and luminous way our perception of the other. This installation offers a social, sensory and symbolic dimension, with a sensitive and emotional implication of the audience.

Broken Portal

Broken Portal’ is an enchanting art installation that invites viewers to embark on a journey into the cosmos. This captivating piece combines the rigidity of steel square pipe tubing with the ethereal allure of LED strips to form a 3D extruded triangle. The concept behind ‘The Portal’ is akin to gazing at a starry night sky. As we stand in its presence, shrouded in darkness, our attention is immediately drawn to the mesmerizing LED lights adorning each pipe. Like distant stars, they twinkle and beckon, creating an irresistible pull that draws the viewer closer.

The Doors(s) (Big Art)

What does a door mean to you? Does it evoke feelings of opportunity or anxiety? How did a door become such a metaphor for success, failure, opportunity, family, home, change, transition, and so many other moments of emotional connection? This project explores the greater meaning of a door, and its ability to change our path in life when we have the courage to open it. Over 200 custom experiences await with every open.

Lot 19


855 W Hastings Street

Club Cloud presents Hot Beverages & Live DJs with DJ Mursa & DJ Feelgood on Saturday, November 4th from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

Club Cloud (Laryssa Gervan)

Club Cloud is the realized dream of East Vancouver artist Laryssa Gervan. It’s a soft and immersive space where clouds rain prisms, visitors can change the colour of the sky, and mist rises gently into the cloudscape. An inviting place to settle in for a sit and some shelter.

Laryssa often works in out-of-the-box and out-on-the-street installation art, driven by pressing issues and inspired by whatever scavenged materials catch her attention. Her Halloween displays have garnered widespread media attention. She also dreams up unconventional decor for events, builds custom furniture out of beautiful old finds, and is currently getting schooled in graphic design. Years of experience as a set dresser in the film industry have set the stage for diverse path ahead.

Bringing the interactive clouds and control panel and to the table, Kyle Cappis is here to light up the night sky and likes to work on the the electronic guts and glowing bits. These two cloud-makers crossed paths by chance at a festival called Lamplight, and the skyscape is all the better for it.

Iridescent Dreams (Shadow Puppet Pavilion)

Iridescent Dreams brings the magic of playing with bubbles to life. These giant bubbles are magic and take you on an amazing journey to far off places. Come explore the beauty of imagination and childhood dreams.

Shadow Puppet Productions is the duo of Marti Boivin and Karen Oldridge. They take pride in creating large-scale, interactive art. Their work has been displayed at many festivals, including BassCoast, Shambhala, Burning Man, and Vancouver Pride.

Lux Dragon (Nickie Lewis)

This glowing gentle beast is 15 ft long and 8ft tall, composed entirely from natural and biodegradable materials. Nickie Lewis is an artist residing on the unceded lands of the Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam first nations people, also known as Burnaby B.C. She specializes in eco-friendly art created entirely out of natural organic materials such as cedar sticks, moss, and jute twine. She endeavors to spread joy through magical, whimsical sculptures.

TUBSPACE (Kick off the Truck Collective)

A chandelier adorned with crystal copies of friendly faces, shimmering grins of delight. During the height of Covid we all experienced the extreme strangeness of not being able to see the bottom half of peoples’ faces. This barrier to connection has affected people in very different ways. T.U.B.S.P.A.C.E. is a project that Kick off the Truck Collective wants to use to reconnect, tear down the barrier and explore what that barrier felt like.

The Doors(s) (Big Art)

What does a door mean to you? Does it evoke feelings of opportunity or anxiety? How did a door become such a metaphor for success, failure, opportunity, family, home, change, transition, and so many other moments of emotional connection? This project explores the greater meaning of a door, and its ability to change our path in life when we have the courage to open it. Over 200 custom experiences await with every open.

Helmcken Plaza


338 Helmcken Street

Live DJ from Yaletown Brewing from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM on Nov 3rd and 4th.

Ethereal Gates (Melody Copeman)

Pass through the gate, and enter a realm of creative exploration. The Gate is made up of two self-supporting structures that form an arch. The structures are backlit using approximately 1,200 addressable LEDs that project onto a patterned diffusion layer.

Jellyfish Forest (PXL LAB by Zac Bensing)

The Jellyfish Forest is an immersive volumetric light sculpture featuring 12 jellyfish with 84 touch-responsive tentacles. 13,500 LEDs are used to completely immerse the audience in a living ocean of colour and light. These jellyfish will respond to touch by displaying a beautiful sting of colour to let their new friend know they feel them.

Submerged Sanctuary (The Aquarium) (Madeleine Chaffee, Kenji Eu, Gina Teichroew)

The Submerged Sanctuary is a space to sit and ponder the beauty of the ocean through repurposed and manipulated textile waste. It features several inflatable sculptures made from old kitesurfing kites with a myriad of coral decor made from upcycled objects arranged to provide a cozy cove. It is a space full of color, texture and shapes to explore. Viewers are encouraged to enter this nautical lounge and experience the fluidity of ocean life through ambient lighting and tactile textile exploration.

Waves In A Shell (Will Donaldson & Linfeng Zhou)

Inspired by the organic form of a seashell, ‘Waves In A Shell’ features a surface adorned with undulating light tubes that capture the natural beauty of rolling ocean waves. By engaging with brass capacitive touch sensors on a smaller scale model, viewers can manipulate the LED lighting, offering a mesmerizing interactive experience.

Bill Curtis Square

“Liquid Refraction”

1198 Mainland Street

Roving performances by NZR between 6:30pm & 9:30pm on November 3rd & 4th

This Velvet Light (Scott Keva James)

This Velvet Light invites visitors to a world where nature meets the fantastical in a symphony of sensory delight. As they approach this captivating landscape, they become active participants in a dynamic dance of light and sound, shaping their unique narrative through their presence and movements within the immersive environment.

Effervescent Dreams (Ben Z Cooper)

Effervescent Dreams is comprised of three walls adorned with an arrangement of lenses and softly glowing lights. Viewer’s perceptions shifts, allowing their minds to wander through a dreamscape of colors and shapes. The lenses refract and distort the surrounding world, creating a surreal and ethereal atmosphere where reality and imagination seamlessly blend. This installation invites people to embrace the fluidity of their thoughts, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity as they navigate a realm where dreams and reality converge.

Ben Z Cooper is a multidisciplinary creative producer and director. He specializes in bridging the gaps between the real and digital to give people unexpected and joyful moments. Creating experiences where people feel a real sense of wonder where they turn to the stranger next to them and share a smile.

Gateway of Gastown

Water Street & W Cordova Street

The Wishing Tree (BC Parks Foundation)

The Wishing Tree is a powerful beacon of hope in the dark winter months. Make your visit and add the light of your wish. By lighting up your wish for nature, you shine a light on the beautiful natural areas in BC and enlighten yourself.

The BC Parks Foundation is leading an expedition to create the greatest park system in the world. We do this by working with you to protect, enhance and sustain our parks, while inspiring and connecting people to them. Enjoy Now, Protect Forever!

The Wishing Tree installation is the centerpiece of our “Wish for Nature” campaign. Drawing on the global tradition of offering hopes and wishes to a tree, we aimed to create a cross-cultural, artful experience that fosters a deeper connection with nature. Visitors have the opportunity to make healing wishes for nature, the world, and each other, contributing to the creation of new parks and protected areas in BC. Our goal is to build an interactive experience with light, sound and colour to create a sense of awe and wonder.

Special thanks to the following participating artists for their work and contributions to Lumiere:

Jedrick Mangahis is an architectural designer from Vancouver, Canada. His work probes the fuzzy spaces between mediums and disciplines—from architecture, landscape and urban design, to film and animation. Recent works explore the role of chimeras and monsters in transforming how we envision our collective futures, as well as the rituals which shape how we dream in public.

Zachery Cameron Longboy is a video maker and performance/installation artist. Born in Churchill, Manitoba of Sayisi Dene lineage, Longboy places his multiple identities as a White-adopted/Native gay/Two-Spirit/Sixties Scoop survivor at the centre of his multi-disciplinary practice. His intensely felt, hybridly layered videos often use his complex performance-installations as a departure point. Longboy is nationally honoured and widely shown in Queer and Indigenous venues, as well as in public collections including The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum (Calgary), and The Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa). Numerous screenings include The Edmonton Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), and Images Independent Festival.

Ann Marie Fleming is a Vancouver-based award-winning Canadian filmmaker, writer and artist who works in a variety of different forms and mediums. Born in Okinawa, with Chinese and Australian parentage, her films often explore the hybrid geopolitics of our times through the lens of family, history and memory.

Ana Valine is a Vancouver (The xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and səlilwətaɬ Nations) based writer, director, and artist. She earned an MFA degree at Emily Carr University with a focus on eco-processing film, is writing her third feature screenplay, and is a PhD student in film & media at Queen’s University.

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