‘Heart of Davie Village’ Unveiled in the West End
December 22, 2017

Since their first recorded history, ‘gay villages’ have played an important role in the increased visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ2+…

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Q&A with Trevor Van den Eijnden
November 21, 2017

Vancouver artist Trevor Van den Eijnden seamlessly fuses life and nature into his artwork. What does your work primarily focus on?  …

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Q&A with Chris Eugene Mills
November 9, 2017

Vancouver-based artist Chris Eugene Mills’ lengthy-titled projection project, “Sol takes his Incomplete Open Cubes down to the local dancehall, leaving behind very…

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UK Artist Kathy Hinde
Q&A with Composer and Visual Artist, Kathy Hinde
November 7, 2017

UK-based artist, Kathy Hinde, has a passion for combining different art forms, including, but not limited to, installations, performances, music, and live visuals….

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Q&A with Alex Beim, Founder of Tangible Interaction
October 27, 2017

Alex Beim is the Founder and Creative Director of Tangible Interaction studio where he and his team specialize in creating innovative, sensory installations that bring…

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artist ErdemTasdelen
Q&A with Erdem Taşdelen
October 18, 2017

Meet Erdem Taşdelen, a Toronto-based, multimedia artist with a distinct ability for bringing ideas to life and creating projects that celebrate, encourage, and express solidarity. Q:…

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Q&A with Hfour
October 3, 2017

In 2016, Hfour’s art installation The Limitation of Words to Describe Feelings, captivated and lit up the Jim Deva Plaza.  We caught up with Ben Cooper…

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