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The temporary closure of the 1800 Block Davie Street, which cuts Morton Park into two pieces, is part of a larger public realm initiative looking at how roadways can work as public gathering spaces in the West End. A late fall to early winter time period was selected for the temporary closure as it represented a relatively low traffic volume period for vehicles entering and existing Stanley Park. The West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA), in partnership with the 2019 Lumiere event, are leading this initiative to test the impacts of a temporary closure of the 1800 Block Davie Street to vehicles.

The duration of the closure will to be determined based on an assessment of impacts and benefits. WEBIA is working with the City on monitoring this space. During this closer the space is being utilized by Lumiere to host a public lighting feature, host programming (Nov 1 – 3) and to allow for pedestrians to access and use the space as a mini-plaza. The hope is that the closure would have minimal negative impacts on Stanley Park and transit service while at the same time providing positive benefits to the community by animating the space with a lighting feature and creating a gathering space i.e. mini plaza for residents and visitors alike.

So far the closure seems to be performing as anticipated. The road will likely reopen in January or early February depending on ongoing impacts and benefits.

For further information please contact Stephen Regan at [email protected] or 604 696 0144.